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I started my life with Dole when I was an intern at the Packaging Operations Department. Seventeen years later, I am now the Operations Manager of that same Department! I am very proud to work for a company with a culture that gives importance to its employees and stakeholders. It is also here where I met my wife, Lory, a proud Dole employee. We are blessed with two wonderful children who study at Dole Philippines School.

John Paul Calio

Packaging Department, Dole Philippines

Dole is the best banana employer in the locality.

Harry Avila

Packing Plant 51, Manufacturing Department, Dole Philippines

Dole has blessed me with opportunities for career growth and continuously inspires me to create healthy and quality products for our customers. Dole sustains the glow of the "Sunshine" in my heart; and through our products, I'm very proud, indeed, to unceasingly share my Sunshine to everyone.

Tipaporn Ngarmna

Research & Development Department, Dole Thailand

It is amazing to work for a place like DOLE -- anything is possible here. If you’re open to doing different things, you could have a very varied and interesting career.

Eranga Abeywickrama

Human Resources Department, Dole Sri Lanka

Dolefil has rewarded me by being one of the qualified employees to own a nice house in the Dole Gawad Pag-ibig Housing Program. This house will be a witness to my aspirations and dreams for my family.

Emil Mina

Benefits and Compensation / Employee Services Department, Dole Philippines

Dole is not just a company for me. It has been my father’s home for the last 30 years and this is very much a family to us… an institution I have grown up with and believe in. Dole has moulded me to become the person I am today. I was born and raised a Dole employee, I will end my career a Dole employee.

Louie Griño

Warehouse Management Department, Dole Philippines

I’m proud to be part of this exceptional organization. Thanks to Dole, I gained valuable experience in my 19 years with this company. Dole helps me hone my personality as well as skills in marketing, logistics, supply chain & demand planning, customer service, and now in sales.

Gracey Reyes

Worldwide Packaged Foods Division